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Briana & Jim // Downtown City of Flint

Briana & Jim reached out to me about a year & a half before the date of their wedding day to book with me and they also chose to include an engagement session with me as well! For their engagement photoshoot, it was near the end of February so there was still some snow on the ground at this time. We went to a cute nearby park where we took all kinds of fun shots with 2 outfit changes! I absolutely love a good champagne pop & that's exactly what we did!

Throughout the next year as we awaited the time for wedding to come we went back and forth about details for the day! I always have my couples fill out a questionnaire to describe to me as many details as they can so that were always on the same page about things! I always say, the more communication, the better!

Wedding day arrives and the first thing we do is a first look with dad & it couldn't have been a sweeter moment for the two of them! The excitement they had for each other was priceless!

Soon after that we jumped right into the ceremony. I prepared the wedding party to make sure to stop & smile before parting ways at the altar & took my position in capturing everyone walk down the aisle. In the meantime, I captured the groom waiting for his beautiful bride to walk down the aisle.

During the ceremony i generally take position in the center or front of the aisle and i might move around here and there, but it really just depends on the situation and the environment. I'm definitely not afraid to be in the way of the guests to capture what i need to for the bride and groom, sometimes it just isn't necessary to jump around all over the place.

This day was extra sunny out, which caused a shadow over everything which unfortunately you can't do much about as a photographer so it would be something to think about when booking the venue!

Make sure to hold the kiss extra long! <3


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