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Miranda & Ryan // Denver, Colorado

This photoshoot was so much fun! Miranda had asked me to photograph something casual in the mountains since her & Ryan loved this spot so much. She said they often came here together to decompress & simply take in the views of the mountains.

I wanted to capture the peace this spot represented through my lens and in their hearts. She this photo above did just that for her soul. (Photo above)

Of course, i had them dance it out. I will often have my couples do some dancing together & i tell them just pretend i'm not there. It's great for the camera but clearly this photo above proves they have fun while doing it!

Greenery mixed into the mountains *chefs kiss*!

In 3 different movements, tell me how this place makes you FEEL. <3

A quote from Miranda & Ryan: "You truly captured exactly what we were looking for, I could not wait to put these photos in a frame & on my wall, reminding us of the love we share forever, not only that but we had so much fun while doing it & we hope to do this again! Thank you so much!"


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