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Hiding those problem areas

We all have parts of our body that were not a huge fan of. But, I'm a firm believer that with the right angle we can make magic! Any area of the body that your find to be a problem area for you

Accentuating your best features

An important part of posing that goes along with hiding the problem areas. Let's accentuate what you love most about yourself, whatever that may be!


I believe that capturing you while you basically pretend I'm not there and doing your own thing, being casual, feeling good about yourself in the truest form possible is what makes for a great candid photo. That includes you laughing, looking away at something, moving around to strut in front of the camera, playing with your hair. It makes for a simple yet beautiful, portrait that represents you being YOU! Now, Sometimes when needed, I will help direct you into these moments, I mean, that is what I'm there for. To make sure we get what were looking for! <3

How do you want the photo to make you feel?

I want your photos to tell a story on what it is youre looking to feel when you look back at your gallery. Do you want them to makes you feel sexy? Do you want the to make you feel beautiful? Free? Innocent? Bad-ass? How about empowered? These are all strong words that make a difference in your everyday life for YOU. Or maybe you'd like to gift them so you're catering these photos to what your partner or someone special likes.

Tips for when you don't know what to do with your hands

-Play with your hair, fluff it up, twist the bottoms

- Trace different parts of your face or body. Cheeks, lips, collar bones, arms, legs

-Place hands on your bum

-Take your hands and begin to take down bra straps or line the tops of undies with your fingers

-Bend the elbows, and in front of the belly near the belly button just twiddle your fingers

Communication & trust

Communication and trust to me is one of the most important things you can have in a session. First communication, because its important to know what it is you're looking for and expressing that to me so we can be on the same page.

Implied nudity/ Nudity

So here's the thing, will I take nude shots? Yes. Lets talk about what it is that you have in mind! Tasteful & artistic is the ultimate goal. Implied nudity is a big part of boudoir. That flirtatious look. At the end of the day, I always want to make sure we're only going to the lengths that the client is comfortable with.


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